We are not afraid

Vincent Hulin, Paris, 14/11/15. Free translation.

Vincent Hulin, Paris, 14/11/15. Free translation.

Biodiversity Dynamics

Today, we wondered: why here? Why Paris?
It’s because you, the moron hidden thousands of kilometers away, well concealed while you send empty heads blow themselves up in your place, you know that here, we are everything you hate
You know that within a few minutes, all doors will open in Paris for everyone to find refuge

knowthatfiremen,police officers,soldiers, nursesanddoctorswill rush into saveliveswhileriskingtheir own.

Youknowthat,the next day,everyonewill mass in hospitals to givetheirblood.
Youknowthatthe very evening, candleswill be lit by thethousandsat ourwindows.
Youknowthatwe will continue to welcome the refugees that youabuseinyourown country.
YouknowthatVirginiewill explainas much asshecanthatyouare…

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