Married for 10 years – Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

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We all know marriage can be hard work – lots of fun and good outcomes when all goes well, but partners come with different experiences and expectations and compromise is usually needed. So it is when research institutes forge partnerships. The University of Auckland and Landcare Research jointly formed the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity in 2005 to foster excellence & relevance in research and related postgraduate teaching.  So now it is time to celebrate 10 years of successfully working together with a 1-day symposium on Wednesday 1 July 2015, Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland (city campus). All are welcome to attend, but please RSVP to for catering purposes. Our plenary speaker is Professor Mark Burgman, University of Melbourne, who will be speaking on “Problems and solutions in expert judgement of biosecurity risk”. And like any celebration of a long-term partnership – there’ll be plenty of good food and drink, and friends to share it with.

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