If you are interested in studying with us, then please contact one of us for further information.

Current students


Zachary Carter Predator control prioritization in New Zealand

Ben Cranston Drought impacts on kauri forest

Jessica Devitt Respiratory responses of the golden-haired bark beetle to advance fumigation techniques

Daria Erastova The influence of sugar-feeders on native birds in urban gardens

Markus Gronwald Impacts of invasive rat species on bird conservation

Julia Kaplick Water use of kauri forest

Carolina Lara Seed dispersal by birds among urban forest fragments

Caroline Lees Future directions for planning the integrated management of threatened wildlife.

Jian-Feng Liu Biocontrol of invasive tomato potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli: effects of predatory mites, entomopathogenic fungi, diets and ants

Yen Yi Loo – Vocal learning in rifleman

Julien Maries Behavioural manipulation of wasps using odourants

Ines Moran Bioacoustics and vocal ecolgoy

Ellery McNaughton The effects of artificial light on tui foraging behaviour and ecosystem services

Tess O’Malley  Competition between two invasive predators

Anna Probert Assessing biosecurity risks to ecosystems: ants as model organisms

Cate Ryan Function of forests on farmland

Julia Schmack Managing social wasp invasion on offshore islands

Lloyd Stringer How do population management tools interact with Allee thresholds?

Hester Williams Allee effects and the population dynamics of small populations



Tynan Burkhardt Nocturnal transpiration in kauri

Melissa Kirk Establishment and dispersal of Hadda beetles


Past Students


Alice Baranyovits   Urban ecology of an endemic pigeon, the kererū

Megan Friesen        Olfaction and conservation of seabirds

Patrick Garvey        Interactions between mustelid species

Jamie Stavert           Pollination in a changing world: function and resilience


Cathy Nottingham The impact of hedgehogs in urban forest fragments

Kshama Awasthi Detecting drought in NZ forests using remote sensing

Theo Van Noort        Vespula foraging: Implications for pollination and monitoring

Anna Kokeny            Nesting ecology and habitat requirements of New Zealand ground-nesting solitary bees

Stephen Wallace       An assessment of the ecological restoration on Motuora Island

Delayn Fritz              Pathways and stages for invasive ants

Keely Paler               Climate change and alpine beetles

Zane McGrath          Ecological risks of exotic parasitoids

Tom Saunders          Sampling effort and the diversity of parasitoid wasps

Liam Kendall           Habitat determinants of the diversity of parasitoid wasps

Emma Edney-Browne Spatial and temporal patterns of the establishment of exotic insects

Tshegofatso Chilume Ecological impacts of the woody invasive, Prosopis juliflora in Gantsi District, Botswana

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