16 September 2019:

Congratulations to Dr Ellery McNaughton on being awarded her PhD!

1 September 2019:

Welcome to Rosie Gerolemou, starting a PhD on ‘The Ecological Effectiveness and Social Benefits of Urban Backyard Trapping’ with Margaret Stanley and James Russell.

29 March 2019:

Congrats to Ellery McNaughton who submitted her PhD thesis today!

15 March 2019:

Congrats to Dr Carolina Lara Mendoza – who was awarded her PhD. Carolina now works as an avifauna specialist at Wildlands.

1 March 2019:

Welcome to Cathy Nottingham  – who started her PhD on ‘The influence of vegetation connectivity on mammalian predator movement with Margaret Stanley.

25 February 2019:

Congrats to Dr Anna Probert – who was awarded her PhD. Anna is off to Switzerland for a postdoc working in Sven Bacher’s lab.

19 November 2018

Ellery McNaughton was interviewed by Jesse Mulligan at Radio New Zealand about her research on light pollution

31 October 2018 Congrats to Carolina Lara and Anna Probert  – both submitted their PhD theses!

30 October 2018

Margaret was featured in a Newsroom story on the Council report on tree removal in Auckland

29 October 2018

Margaret gave an interview on Auckland tree loss on Radio NZ with Jesse Mulligan  

26 October 2018 

Congrats to Cathy Nottingham who was awarded  her First Class Masters on the impact of hedgehogs

16 October 2018

Margaret was interviewed about ant by Jesse Mulligan at RadioNZ in the expert feature slot

15 August 2018

Ellery McNaughton wrote an extension of her recent Ecology Ngatahi blog for Newsroom:

6 August 2018

Daria Erastova was awarded $5500 by Birds NZ for her project on the effect of sugar-water feeders on native bird behaviour and welfare.

1 August 2018

Daria Erastova was awarded $4500 by JS Watson fund (Forest & Bird)  for her project on the effect of sugar-water feeders on native bird behaviour and welfare.

19 April 2018

Margaret spoke to Kathryn Ryan on Nine-to-Noon about urban cat research and management

18 April 2018

Margaret spoke to Farmers Weekly about the lack of long-term ecological monitoring in NZ

12 April 2018

Margaret wrote an OpEd for Newsroom on pet cat management

10 April 2018

Margaret was featured in a Newsroom story on the lack of long-term ecological monitoring

23 March 2018

Margaret wrote an OpEd for NZHerald on Biodiversity in Auckland and featured on RNZ’s Jesse Mulligan show

26 February 2018

Our group did pretty well at the annual School of Biological Sciences Research Awards for 2017 – with 3 wins!

Cate Macinnis-Ng – EEB Research Award

Anna Probert – Postgraduate Communication Award

Margaret Stanley – Research Communication Award


1 February 2018

RSNZ Science Teaching Leadership Programme participant, Helen Armstrong has joined us from East Tamaki School. Helen will spend the semester working with Cate’s group and the wider team. Welcome Helen!

February 2018

Margaret, James and Bruce were promoted to Associate Professor and Jacqueline was promoted to Professor in the recent promotions round. Congratulations all!

January 2018

Jamie Stavert’s PhD thesis was included on the Dean’s list for academic excellence. Congratulations Jamie on an outstanding body of work. You can read some of Jamie’s posts here and here.

26 October 2017

Margaret was interviewed by The Project (Three)  about the Global insect decline. The Project (Three) 26 Oct 1:20mins

22 September 2017

Margaret was interviewed by Stuff about inequity of Auckland’s tree cover

James has been discussing the ethics of predator control on BBC, Radio NZ and NZ Herald

5 September 2017

Margaret Stanley was interviewed by Newsroom on urban nature:  

Green roofs provide an opportunity for conservation in urban areas. Read Cate’s piece posted on the Journal of Applied Ecology blog.

28 August 2017

Jamie Morton interview’s the four speakers (including Margaret Stanley) of the Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series on 

25 August 2017

Cate comments on kauri dieback research and treatments in a piece published by The Spinoff

24 August 2017

A wonderful video on NZHerald site which interviews three of EEB’s postgrad students (including Ecology Ngātahi’s Jamie Stavert) about the conservation policies of political parties in the lead up to the election.

18 August 2017

From January 2018, Cate will be joining Te Pūnaha Matatini, the Centre for Research Excellence in Complex Systems as a Principle Investigator.

Read Margaret’s article in The Spinoff: STANLEY, M. C. (2017). If an insect goes extinct in the forest, and nobody records it… The Spinoff

10 August 2017

After the release of a report on the spread of kauri dieback in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges, Cate provided comment on the Science Media Centre website.

9 August 2017

Jamie Stavert was on RadioNZ talking about his latest pollination paper.

16 July 2017

Anna Probert was in the news as a result of her Ecology Ngatahi blog. She spoke to Jamie Morton of the NZ Herald about insects and winter:

13 July 2017

Margaret Stanley took part in NZ Herald’s Sustainable Cities Series:  and tried to make a case for integrating biota into cities.

University of Auckland ecologist Dr Margaret Stanley. Photo / Supplied

1 June 2017

PhD students Ben and Zach join the group. Nau mai!

15 May 2017

Congratulations to Josie Galbraith who won the Marion Cranwell prize ($3 000) for best 2016 MSc or PhD thesis on an ecological or environmental issue.

9 May 2017

Margaret Stanley, Carolina Lara, Ellery McNaughton & Josie Galbraith showcased their Wild Cities Urban Ecology research at the University of Auckland  Celebrating Research Excellence function on 8th May. They did a marvellous job of explaining their research to the Minister for Science Paul Goldsmith and various other dignitaries.

5th May 2017

Hear Margaret Stanley talking about myrtle rust in the context of the biosecurity system on TV3’s “The Project’. On Demand Episode 5/5/17 at 26:30mins.

2 May 2017

Congratulations to Ecology Ngatahi members who graduated on Monday!


Patrick Garvey – predator interactions

Josie Galbraith – bird feeding impacts


Sam Heggie-Gracie – urban bird communities

Sam Lincoln – urban cats & rats

Tom Saunders – parasitoid wasps

29 April 2017

Listen to Cate Macinnis-Ng on the Science Report with Graeme Hill.

19 Dec 2016

Josie Galbraith has been awarded a place on the Dean of Graduate Studies List (Dean’s List) in recognition of excellence achieved in her PhD thesis.

1 December 2016

Lizzy Lowe took the prize for best speed talk at the UoA science postdoc symposium

1 December 2016

Josie Galbraith won runner-up student talk prize at the Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference

25 November 2016

Josie Galbraith won a student talk prize at the joint  conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) & the New Zealand Ecological Society (NZES)

17 November 2016

Congrats to Robert Vennell – who won an Enderby Trust scholarship to visit the subantarctic islands in December.

16 September 2016

Tom Saunders has taken out a Merit Award for his poster at the Faculty Postgraduate Poster Competition – with his poster going through with the top 20 FoS posters to the University Exposure competition.

2 September 2016

Carolina Lara was awarded $4000 by the JS Watson Trust for her project on the effectiveness of ecological corridors in maintaining bird movement and seed dispersal.

1 September 2016

MSc students Robert Vennell and Tom Saunders made it to the finals of the University of Auckland ‘3 Minute Thesis competition’, with Robert winning ‘Runner Up’.

August 2016

Anna Probert was appointed one of NZ’s ‘Biosecurity Champions’ by MPI.

30th June 2016

Listen to Margaret Stanley discussing pests & climate change on RadioNZ:

9th June 2016

Anna Probert was awarded $8000 – from Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities).

18 May 2016

Jessica Devitt won the Marion Cranwell prize (joint winner) for best 2015 MSc or PhD thesis on an ecological or environmental issue.

16 May 2016

Anna Probert has been awarded $1000 by the Royal Society’s Hutton Fund for her PhD research on using exotic ants as a model to assess risks to native ecosystems.

6 April 2016

Listen to Margaret Stanley being interviewed about threats to urban ecosystems by Kathryn Ryan on RNZ’s Nine to Noon programme:

The interview centres around this blog and paper:

STANLEY MC, BEGGS JR, BASSETT IE, BURNS BR, DIRKS KN, JONES DJ, LINKLATER WL, MACINNIS-NG C, SIMCOCK R, SOUTER-BROWN G, TROWSDALE SA, GASTON KJ. Emerging threats in urban ecosystems: a horizon scanning exercise. Frontiers in Ecology & Environment, 2015 13(10): 553–560, doi:10.1890/150229

1 April 2016

Robert Vennell and his MSc on quantifying feral pig damage functions is in the news!


27 November 2015

Gavin Jackson award

26 November 2015

PhD student Patrick Garvey won the award for Best Student Presentation at the Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference in Perth, WA.

23 November 2015Animation

Ecology Ngatahi launches it’s youtube channel with a fantastic animation based on Josie Galbraith’s research.

21 November 2015

A successful night for our lab group at the recent New Zealand Ecological Society Awards:

Assoc Prof. Jacqueline Beggs Te Tohu Taiao Award in recognition of sustained and unique contribution to invertebrate ecology in NZ, mentoring and outreach roles and also leadership among the ecological community.

Josie Galbraith, PhD student, was awarded a prize for the outstanding publication on an aspect of New Zealand ecology (not limited to the NZ Journal of Ecology or early career folks). Galbraith J.A., Beggs J.R., Jones D.N., Stanley M.C. 2015 Supplementary feeding restructures urban bird communities. PNAS 112(20) doi: 10.1073/pnas.1501489112.

Annette Evans, a former MSc of Jacqueline Beggs’s now studying towards a PhD at Connecticut won the award for best publication by an early career researcher. Evans A.E., Towns D.R., Beggs J.R. 2015 The relative importance of sugar resources to endemic gecko populations in an isolated island ecosystem. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 39(2): 262-272

8 November 2015

PhD student Rachael Sagar was awarded 2nd prize for best student talk at the World Seabird conference in South Africa. This is an excellent achievement given the number of students presenting!

12 October 2015

NZ Herald piece describes ‘10 climate change canaries‘ profiling ecology studies from across the country that involve exploring the impacts of climate change on New Zealand’s unique plants and animals.

11 October 2015

Jamie Stavert was awarded a Claude McCarthy Fellowship to enable him to travel to the USA in 2016.  Jamie will visit Rachel Winfree‘s lab (Rutgers University, New Jersey) as they work on the ecology of pollinators and the pollination function they provide in the context of global change.  Jamie will also attend the XXV International Congress of Entomology in Florida.

17 September 2015

kauri_climate_changeHuge congratulations to Cate Macinnis-Ng for being awarded a 5-year Rutherford Discovery Fellowship. Only 12 of these prestigious awards are made each year to some of New Zealand’s most talented early to mid-career researchers. Cate is a plant ecophysiologist and ecohydrologist who investigates the mechanisms of plant interactions with the environment with an emphasis on plant water use. Her research involves quantifying carbon sequestration in native forests, managing water resources during dry periods, determining plant responses to climate change and the potential of plants in climate change mitigation.

PhD student Rachel Sagar is studying the ecophysiology and breeding ecology of seabirds.

PhD student Rachel Sagar is studying the ecophysiology and breeding ecology of seabirds.

9 June 2015

Well done to all our PhD students who gave such great talks at the first year PhD seminar day.  Congrats to Rachel Sagar (co-supervised by Margaret Stanley) who won the overall prize for best speaker.  Nice job!

6 June 2015

Fantastic media coverage of our paper on urban tree protection – a selection of links including to the paper.

Wyse, S. V., J. R. Beggs, B. R. Burns, and M. C. Stanley. 2015. Protecting trees at an individual level provides insufficient safeguard for urban forests. Landscape and Urban Planning 141:112-122.

NZ Herald

Radio New Zealand

20 May 2015

PhD student Jamie Stavert received a Todd Foundation Award for Excellence for his project Using mesocosm [large enclosure] experiments to manipulate pollinator communities and determine how the composition and diversity of biological traits influence pollination – a critical ecosystem function and service.  Jamie was awarded $8000.

Native silvereye at experimental feeding station

Native silvereye at experimental feeding station

5 May 2015

PhD student Josie Galbraith’s research was published in PNAS today!!

Josie A. Galbraith, Jacqueline R. Beggs, Darryl N. Jones, and Margaret C. Stanley  Supplementary feeding restructures urban bird communities PNAS 2015 112: E2648-E2657.

14 April 2015

Congratulations to our award winning lab members – NZ Entomological Society conference was a great success for us!

Jessica Devitt @ColetteKeeha – 2nd prize, oral presentation


Jamie Stavert @jamiestavert – 3rd prize, oral presentation

Anna Probert @AFProbert – 1st prize ($900), 21st Anniversary Fund Research Award

Jamie Stavert @jamiestavert – 2nd prize ($990), 21st Anniversary Fund Research Award

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